Understanding The Essay Hook And Some Basic Ideas To Start

The best way to capture interest from the reader and earn a good grade on an academic essay is to start with a great hook. What is a hook in writing? A hook is a basically an immediate attention grabber and can be anything from a quotation to a question to an anecdote and more. It’s there to immediately set a piece of writing apart from other works by signaling to the reader that something good is coming. The following is a how to write hook guide along with some great hook examples:

The Quotation:

There are a number of quotations of sentences or phrases that are well known throughout the English speaking world (many of which are translated from their original), so starting an essay with one of these instantly builds a connection between you and the reader. You do, however, want to make sure that the quotation you use is in some way related to the topic you are about to introduce. You also want to make sure that the quote is known by the majority of your intended audience. A well-known quote to you within the field of physics might not be readily known to someone who is versed in history.

The Question:

“How to hook up?” This is simple example of a question that immediately captures some interest – albeit a confused one without further context. It does show, however, how one can take a topic (of this article for instance) and make it into a question that is rhetorical. The reader isn’t meant to answer this now but rather consider it as he reads through the rest of the essay. When you reach the conclusion you can also bring the reader back to this question directly or rephrase it in a manner so that with his or her new knowledge can posit a response.

The Anecdote:

This is one of the most effective methods of grabbing the reader’s attention but it is also among the most difficult to master. The reason for this is that an anecdote usually consists of several sentences that tie together into a sort of short story. A well-executed anecdote takes practice because of its need to carry a lot of descriptive words to set a scene or a picture in the reader’s mind. Still, this should be something every student works to develop as he or she progress throughout academia.

Best Practices:

Finally, it’s best to consider a few best practices in order to fully grasp the hook definition. Make sure the hook is appropriate to the subject and that it sets the right tone for the rest of the paper. Don’t start with a joke if you are writing on a serious topic and never leave the writer confused with the hook. Remember, that the hook is meant to capture and the ease the reader into your work; not put him or her off from wanting to read the rest.

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