Compare and Contrast Essay writing Tutorial

A compare and contrast essay is an essay written to compare the similarities and the differences between something. It is used to describe how an object is different from something else. There are a number of reasons that one may need this type of essay written and there are a number of things that the essays can be used to compare. Here is a guide to writing a compare and contrast essay.

Before you start writing your essay it is important to gather of all the information needed to write your report. This includes research materials, pens and paper and similar items. A workspace and focus on your task is also important.

Part One

Your first essay section is the introduction. Here you have the chance to impress the reader and really make them want to continue to read what you have to say. It is important that the introduction describe what there remainder of the essay will be about. Your introduction should be only one page long, at a max.

Part Two

Your thesis statement is next. Your thesis should be strong and describe what you want the reader to know. Everything written from the essay should relate back to the thesis.

Part Three

The next part of your essay is the body, or the meat of the plate. The body is the part of your essay where all of the information you want to present will be placed. You should have a lot of facts and stats in this section of the essay. Choose two or three important highlights from the subject and devote one paragraph to telling the reader about each.

Part Four

The fourth part of the essay is the conclusion. This section should summarize the things that you’ve talked about in the essay without repeating any of the information. A good conclusion is essential to a well-written essay.

Part Five

The final part of your essay should be dedicated to listing the references that have been used in your essay. It is important that you site all of the sources that you have used in this section of the paper.


As you can see there is really nothing to writing a compare and contrast essay. Simply follow these steps and your essay will be done in no time at all. And the teacher is surely going to love what you were able to put together. Get assignment help online, if you need an A+.